Green Arrows - Hypocrite

You drink and smoke, and you hate it
My mind is overflowing because I don't care
All the bullshit you are telling around
You are a "someone else" not a person
What you really think? Son of a "if", son of a conditional
You want the peace in the world,
But you are the first one that gives shit to the others!

Hypocrite, love if you feel it, hate if you feel it
Hypocrite, you well never receive respect from me
Hypocrite, nothing to say to your be
Hypocrite, be yourselves shits, be yourselves!

Be yourselves or don't exist!
Be yourselves or don't exist!
Be yourselves or don't exist!
Be yourselves or don't exist!

When you learn to play, don't act like a superstar
Or throw shit: that the really one are you
Don't appear sad and dark if your happy
With the best friend you speak like the best, like a "chosen one"
You are hanging out like a poor, and you are driving a supercar!

Hypocrite, don't exist!

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